Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Night Owl to Early Bird

I hate waking up early.  I mean, it's a loathing, not just a dislike.  I have a comfortable bed in a pretty room and the coziest blankets.  When my brain starts telling me to wake up, I easily and readily ignore it.  I want to tell you here that I need the extra sleep.  It's not just a desire but a need, well, that's the excuse I want to give you.  I want to say that because I have a chronic illness that causes fatigue that I NEED the sleep.

But that's not entirely true.  I do battle exhaustion and fatigue on a daily basis.  My need to stay one with the bed every morning is for a different reason, though.  The reason I struggle so greatly with getting out of bed each morning is lack of good time management.  

Doesn't that sound ridiculous?  It is.  The reason I can't get up early is because the night before I didn't go to bed until 1:00 AM, maybe later.  The chronic illness does dictate my need for 8-9 hours of sleep to function adequately--that is easily attainable if I got to sleep at a reasonable time.  

In the evening, however, I wait too long to get dinner started.  I wait too long to clean up after the meal.  I wait too long to get the kids to bed.  I wait too long to get my things picked up from around the house.  I wait too long to get in bed.  I wait too long to go to sleep.  I have no good reason for waiting.  For what am I waiting? What is there to gain by delaying what I know needs to be done?


My inability to get up and get out of bed before 9:00 AM each day begins the night before!  It is rooted in my poor time management skills and honestly, that is based on two things: laziness and selfishness.  

That's right.

Lazy and selfish.

That's a tough pill to swallow.  Maybe you think that's too harsh.  That's where I am in my life right now.  I can admit that nearly all of my day-to-day problems stem from one issue: poor time management.  I attribute that to being too lazy to want to get up and get things done in a timely manner and too selfish to put the good of my household ahead of my own wants and desires.  

It's time for a change.  I'm ready for a change in my life.  My youngest son is five now so my days of dealing with babies and toddlers are long gone (oh, dear...don't get me started on that!).  No middle of the night feedings, early morning diaper changes, or 3:00 AM shrieking.  This is a new season of life that I have found myself and while I'm rather nostalgic about the baby phase, there's something to be said about where we are now.  We are a family with three school-age children.

Now means something has to give.  It's me.  I set the tone here.  My amazing husband works very hard to provide for us, the boys are incredible blessings, and my job here is to make it all work.  Not everyday is going to be awesome and I'm not waking up tomorrow to be supermom, but I can do better.

Better starts with time management skills.  The one I'm tackling first is the biggest one.  Perhaps that's not the way to go, but I've been inspired by a recent course and subsequent books.  

This woman is going from late night owl to happy early bird.

Oh dear.

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  1. Praying for your success as you make this transition. I know you can do it :)

  2. I mean early birds aren't that bad. I like that when I wake up I have so much time in my day to be productive (it doesn't mean I am actually productive)


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