Monday, July 27, 2015

Homeschool Curriculum Tour: Spelling

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.  That means if you click on one and make a purchase, I'll be able to continue buying endless LEGO sets and keep camo-themed bandages in stock for the boys.  

Join me as I give you a tour through the books we have chosen to use this year in our homeschool.  These resources are ones that I have carefully and thoughtfully chosen as what I think is the best fit for my boys.  These opinions are all my own.  

First up is our choice for Spelling.  This year, I've decided to use Spelling Power for the boys spelling curriculum.  I've looked at Spelling Power a few times before, but for whatever reason had never taken the plunge.  There were a few factors that pulled me in this year.  

#1.  The longevity.
I can use Spelling Power for our entire homeschool life if it works for the boys.  It's set up to be used from 3-12th grade.  I can purchase one book to use for 10 grades?  This definitely deserved my attention.  I know that what works for one child may not work for another or that after awhile with a certain program that has been working, needs may change.  The longevity, though, is a reason I decided to give it a try.

#2.  Lesson time.
My boys aren't interested in being good spellers, that's an interest of mine.  A program that explains that each day will take 15 minutes or less for spelling sounds like something the boys would be able to handle.  Considering there are now three of them that need my attention, any lessons that require my focus solely on one child need to be kept to shorter amounts of time.  Plus, the prep time for me is minimal as well.

#3.  Ease of use.
With Spelling Power, the student spells the words given.  If the word is spelled correctly, then we continue on to the next word.  If the student spells the world incorrectly, the word is then reviewed a few different ways to ensure correction has been made.  That's it.  No constantly going over the same list of words the student has already mastered.  Sounds good to me and sounds good to the boys.  

So those are my biggest reasons for using Spelling Power in our homeschool this year. The breakdown of how the program works is pretty simple.  You start with a Survey Test to determine which level of the program your child should begin and follow that with a Placement Test for a more fine-tuning of the spelling level determination.  Once those tests have been administered, you move on to the Group of words as prescribed by the results of the previous testing.  

Once you get started on the correct level and group of words, the process is simple. You spend five minutes on new words by saying the words to your child as they write them in their spelling notebook.  If the word is correct, you move on, if it's not correct, they write the correct spelling beside the word.  Once the five minutes of new words have been given, you then take five minutes to review the words that were misspelled.   There's a specific process to reviewing the misspelled words which will really help to cement the correct spelling for the child; the process is laid out in the spelling workbook.  Following the correction process is five minutes of activity to review corrected words.  

Easy as pie, right?  It really is simple once you get the hang of it and makes for a quick and (mostly) painless spelling lesson.  If you are interested in trying Spelling Power, I definitely recommend it!

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