Monday, February 8, 2016

Planning a Family Vacation -- Part One

I love family vacations.  They are some of our fondest memories and something we look forward to doing together as much as we can.  Since we are a homeschooling family, we are blessed to not have to work around a school schedule.  Since we are a military family, though, we have to work around a very demanding work schedule. It can be incredibly difficult to find time to get away for a week-long vacation. 

A few weeks ago, I was thinking about how much fun we have when we are able to take off and unplug.  I don't necessarily mean we're tech-free, because we aren't, but when we're away from home and the obligations that surround us, we are able to focus on spending time with one another.  I love the memories that are made when we are away.  Vacation memories are ones that seem to stick a little more than most.  I want to have some time with my four favorite guys to disconnect from responsibilities and reconnect with each other.  

Impulsively, I decided that I wanted to plan a vacation -- to take place in just three months.  On a whim, and without much hope, I asked my in-laws if they would be interested in joining us.  I was shocked when the answer was maybe and even more surprised when the next day the answer turned into a yes.

So now we're planning a trip to Orlando.  We've been before and the boys are already making plans for their favorite places.  We don't do Disney because we aren't really amusement park ride people.  Honestly, we've chosen Orlando again because the boys think that Legoland is the best place on the planet.  No joke.  What I need now, though, is some awesome suggestions of cool things to do in Orlando and the surrounding area.  

We'll be there for a week and we've got the hotel accommodations covered (more on that in a coming blog post).  Plus, we're fortunate to be able to purchase a lot of tickets to various places at a discount through the travel office on post.  But, what are your suggestions of cool things to do in Orlando with a couple of grandparents and a posse of cool kids?  The mister and I will be celebrating our 13th anniversary while we're there so any suggestions of romantic places I can take the love of my life would be appreciated as well.

Leave your comments, suggestions, ideas.  I'll share more of our vacation planning with you in the coming weeks!

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