Monday, February 15, 2016

Planning a Family Vacation -- Part Two: Lodging

We've recently started planning a family vacation to take place in just a few months.  As a single income family, it is very important to me to make this vacation as great as I can -- on a budget.  

One of the quickest ways to send a vacation into a financial tailspin is on expensive lodging.  We plan on staying in Orlando for a week.  There are many websites dedicated to vacation rentals.  In fact, we've used several different sites for our planning needs over the last few years.  For this trip, I knew exactly what website I would very likely utilize.  It is one we have used in the past, with great success and optimal money savings.  

Armed Forces Vacation Club

As a military family, we have the advantage of booking a vacation rental through AFVC.  Armed Forces Vacation Club is open to all active duty, reserve, guard, and retired members of the Armed Forces.  Membership is free and there are a few different vacation options available.  

The option that best suits our family is Space - A, also known as Space Available.  These are units with a fixed rate for weekly rental, offer more space, and included extra amenities not often found with renting a single hotel room.  Because we are traveling during an off-peak season, we have quite a few Space-A options from which to choose.  Since my in-laws are also vacationing with us, we are able to find resorts that have more than one bedroom so we can all fit comfortably -- at the same low price.

If you are a military family looking to travel, have you ever looked into Armed Forces Vacation Club?   What are your favorite travel booking sites, military exclusive and not?

(This post was not sponsored.   I just really love AFVC and want others to know that affordable lodging options exist for servicemembers and their families!) 

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